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The Frick Collection Museum is one of the best hidden gems in NYC. This gorgeous gilded mansion, takes up an entire block of 5th ave bn 70th and 71st streets! It is insane to think that a family actually lived here.  All of the art on view here was collected by Mr. Henry Clay Frick himself.  Before his death in 1919,  a will was created to ensure that they home would be kept in tact- all art and furniture included- and would live on as a public museum for many future generations to love and enjoy.  To me, this is one of the best kinds of philanthropy- sharing an amazing collection of art, and providing the most soothing, relaxed and awe inspiring environment to see it all in.  It really is like entering a different world; and certainly a much different kind of New York City. 
Side note- “The Fragonard Room” (pictures above) is so feminine and delicious, its definitely one of my favorite rooms ever.  I LOVE THE FRICK!!!!
(All photos by Sari Zoe Rozins)
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